eCommerce Integration

 Integration with WordPress sites offering complete flexibility and compatibility for swift deployment, operations


Modular framework

Build, expand functionalities and features with modular framework. Eliminate need for extensive development and deployment effort. Build as required, and dispense with need for supporting infrastructure. Develop, deploy additional features based on requirements.

Out of the box analytics

Powerful analytics to discern shopping behaviour and build comprehensive customer profiles. Study interaction of different customer categories and delve deeper into preferences. Create customer focused marketing models to lead into purchase funnels.

Advantages of Woocommerce


Ideal option for stores and inventories of all sizes. Handle footfalls and close sales with no tradeoff in speed or buyer experience. Scale stores, functionalities, features, inventory and transaction volumes with minimal effort.

WordPress ecosystem

Websites built with WordPress get the distinct advantage of purpose built eCommerce integration. Highest levels of compatibility combine to offer smooth integration for high speed operational performance. Amplify functionality and flexibility of parent application.

Product display

Amplify appeal of products with sliders without taking up display area. Work with library of sliders and action buttons to place interesting and visually appealing designs to capture the attention of buyers, encouraging purchase decisions.


Offer customers the option of personalizing purchases. From sizing, gift messages, to other specific personalization requirements, rollout options that build and cement relationships with shoppers. Make shoppers feel special with personalization options.


Push special offers for volume and high value purchases, with configured pricing as per combinations. Turn best selling products and categories into star attractions of the site with dynamic discounts and pricing.


Handle all invoicing requirements without human error. Comprehensive packing and invoice generation plugins help remove complexities in operations. Improve efficiency with integrated well oiled processes.

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WooCommerce theme development

WooCommerce migration

WooCommerce Speed optimization

WooCommerce custom plugin development

WooCommerce third party integration

Migration Solutions

Why ITF for  


Proven expertise – When you pick us for WooCommerce you get a team that comprises engineers with core expertise. 

Domain exposure – Our association with projects of all sizes, including big ticket projects has given us exposure to all domains. 

End to end – At ITF, we take up end-to-end projects, taking care of every dimension, till deployment and support.

Process – As an agile organisation, our teams are helmed by certified professionals, relying on process driven approach for complete efficiency.