Node JS Development

Ideal for two-way scalable network applications; build real-time applications that smoothly support large number of simultaneous connections.


Load balancing

Real time applications that concurrently handle multiple connections require superior load balancing capabilities. Node.js offers excellent support and is the perfect choice for microservices architecture for incremental addition of new services.

Less coding effort

Single language in the front end and back end dispenses with time consuming coding effort in different languages. From coding to deployment, advantages of a single language are unbeatable, including considerable development costs.

Advantages of Node JS

Safe release with MVP

Test markets with basic features and unique concepts to gauge response. Work within tighter deadlines, and smaller budgets to release minimum viable product. Expand features modularly, to eventually release final application.


Suitable for specific use cases. Asynchronous nature of application makes Node.js ideal for chat, streaming and multi-user applications. Collaboration tools perform better with superior concurrent handling.

Build APIs

Ability to transport data between applications and user interface is the distinct advantage of APIs, that has made it a gamechanger. High throughput, ability to handle simultaneous requests makes Node.js a superior option for API development.

Streaming Applications

The need to process files even while being uploaded is intrinsic to streaming and conferencing applications. Node.js with non-blocking I/O, improves performance and processing, delivering superior user experience.

Proxy applications

Ideal for development of applications with lesser costs. Node.js offers unbeatable advantages in local development, as a server-side proxy, enabling configurations and restrictions on API resources, enhancing network performance.

Real time/chat applications

Frameworks and libraries make it a breeze to integrate real time notifications, integral to real time/chat applications. Data intensive applications process messages instantly, across different devices, creating the perfect platform.

Types of Development

As specialists in Node JS, ITF offers the full range of Services, with complete support.

Real-time applications development

Streaming applications development

Chat/Messaging apps development

Collaboration tools development

API Development and Integration

Support and Maintenance

Version Migration

Why ITF for  

Node JS?

Proven expertise – When you pick us for Node JS you get a team that comprises engineers with core expertise. 

Domain exposure – Our association with projects of all sizes, including big ticket projects has given us exposure to all domains. 

End to end – At ITF, we take up end-to-end projects, taking care of every dimension, till deployment and support.

Process – As an agile organisation, our teams are helmed by certified professionals, relying on process driven approach for complete efficiency.