Native programming language expertise help teams integrate the smartest features on iOS Apps, delivering the ultimate premium and niche experience


Secure and reliable

Undeniably superior in terms of security, iOS offers greater security, including sandboxing to mitigate threats from malicious code. With a host of features including foolproof facial recognition, and better reviews of submitted apps, iOS surpasses other operating systems.


Head and shoulders above other operating systems in terms of accessibility, iOS ushered in assistive technology. Intuitive by design, iOS devices are easy to customize to meet unique physical needs. Gestures, controls and shortcuts make handling a breeze.


No device fragmentation

The limited number of device versions facilitates faster development, and uniform experience across iOS devices. Complete control over version release to end users makes iOS creates lesser dependencies, while ensuring faster development, lesser iterations

Lesser complexities

iOS development is acknowledged as relatively less complex, with development of view controllers regarded as faster with less room for error. With lesser complexities in testing and iteration, development lifecycles are faster speeding up time to market.

iOS Applications

Media/content delivery

Better optimization between hardware and software makes iOS a great choice for CDN apps. Dynamic content delivery, faster downloads, and responsive APIs have elevated the media and content delivery capabilities of iOS apps, giving business better opportunities.


Packed with productivity applications, the iOS ecosystem continues to deliver innovative solutions. A host of functionalities such as extracting text from images for reuse in other applications makes work uber productive and efficient.

Augmented Reality

The closed ecosystem has rendered iOS into a powerful channel for the ultimate AR experience. Developers continue to exploit the exceptional capabilities of iOS devices to bring immersive, fully engaging AR experiences to users, finding usability in multiple domains.


iOS applications have earned the praise of users with healthcare apps that have saved lives. The hardware, software integration and the resultant powerful features have combined to transform mobiles into a vital input and alert device to save lives.

Value addition throughout development lifecycle


Information architecture

Functionalities are only as good as the information architecture, and at ITF, our teams consistently come up with brilliant designs to bring concepts to reality. From compelling visual designs to smooth interfaces, our teams nail functionalities and user experience.

Native programming expertise

Coding teams comprise experts with core and extensive experience across the iOS development technology stack. With expertise in Swift and Objective-C to Flutter and C#, our teams adopt a horses for courses approach to pick one that is most suitable.

QA and deployment

Our QA and deployment processes ensure that solutions are stable, with superior performance. We are compliant by design – our development processes and deployments conform to guidelines for a trouble free and smooth submission on the App Store.


Our design thinking leverages the opportunities of the ecosystem, allowing integration with other apps and services to deliver a force multiplier effect to a single app. Co-existence in the networked era, opens up a world of opportunities to businesses and end-users.

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Proven expertise – When you pick us for iOS App Development you get a team of iOS developers offering measurable results and better ROI.

Domain exposure – Our association with projects of all sizes, including big ticket projects has given us exposure to all domains.

End to end – At ITF, we take up end-to-end projects, taking care of every dimension, till deployment and support.

Process – As an agile organization, our teams are helmed by certified professionals, relying on process driven approach for complete efficiency.

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