Advantages of Cake PHP

Auto detect settings

The auto detection of settings dispenses with the need for pre-configuration settings. This quickens the pace of development and removes the need for tedious configurations of Linux, Apache, MySQL PHP.

In built validation

Two stages of data validation ensures accuracy of data before conversion and saving. Consistency and complete nature of validated data improves application performance and ultimate end user experience.

Core security

High levels of built-in authentication and core security makes Cake PHP a secure framework. Tools, input validation and tamper protection ensure that developed applications are safer for client operations.

CRUD functionality

Create, Read, Update and Delete permits demo view of applications, and simplifies data management in web development. Offers superior support to processes and applications that are linked to underlying relational databases.

Types of Development

As specialists in Cake PHP Development, ITF offers the full range of Services, with complete support.

Shopping Cart Development

Enterprise Solutions

Website Maintenance

CMS Development

Upgrade, Maintenance and Technical Support

Extension Development

Theming and Integration

Web Applications

Facilitates faster development of web applications by removing complexities. With lesser coding effort required, the time for debugging, testing and integration is shortened. Suitable for developing all applications – from simple to complex.

CMS Applications

Frontrunner for architectural programming requirements, typical in PHP based CMS applications. The common design patterns, MVC and Object Relational Mapping make it the perfect choice for working with databases.


Plugins and custom components make Cake PHP a preferred choice in portal development. The modular nature of architecture with complete flexibility to suit requirements, gives developers the freedom to integrate desired functionalities.

Enterprise applications

Lesser code and greater efficiency empower developers to bring life to concepts in the shortest possible time with loaded features that work flawlessly. Simplified and inbuilt validations, turns the focus on database settings.

Why ITF for  

Cake PHP Development?

Proven expertise – When you pick us for Yii development you get a team that comprises engineers with core expertise.
Domain exposure – Our association with projects of all sizes, including big ticket projects has given us exposure to all domains.
End to end –At ITF, we take up end-to-end projects, taking care of every dimension, till deployment and support.
Process – As an agile organisation, our teams are helmed by certified professionals, relying on process driven approach for complete efficiency.

E commerce

Requirements of E Commerce sites mandate the need for content uploads, and dynamic sites. Laravel is positioned as one among the best for faster, secure and simplified development of e commerce sites

Single/Multiple Page Applications

The fluid and scalable experience linked to SPAs and MPAs understandably make a huge impact on user experience. Laravel is the default choice for developing SPAs/MPAs with fast information refresh from the web server.

CMS Applications

Laravel with the object arranged libraries, helps in the creation of CMS applications faster, and with the best suite of features. The ability to accelerate the development process without tradeoffs makes it the first choice for CMS applications.

Enterprise applications

The well structured architecture of Laravel makes it ideally matched to build enterprise level applications. The use of MVC pattern helps during the development and deployment of web applications.

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