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Single codebase

Code reusability dispenses with need for separate codes for different platforms. The famed ‘write once, run anywhere’ capability permits faster development, time to market, with considerably reduced maintenance efforts across platforms.

Hot reload

Real time changes and rendering with live reload gives build iterations a speed that is unmatched in other technologies. Code fixes and partial reloads at high speed slice away time required for compilation with hot reload options.


UI centric

Acknowledged as one among the best in rendering, React Native is responsive and UI focused by design. Features including component based approach enable creation of designs that simple or complex, meeting the full range of design requirements.

Plugins ecosystem

Access to an entire ecosystem of plugins including Javascript and native. Broaden the horizon of design and development with features of plugins to transform functionalities of applications. Enhance performance in a cost effective manner through plugins.

Suitable Applications


Customization and flexibility of React Native permits delivery of a superior personalized user experience, with a choice of multiple styles from the server side. Allows handover of coding at any stage without impact on development.

Companion apps

Interaction abilities of companion apps and responsive nature of the apps demand the use of suitable technology with robust security. The ability to behave natively as per device platform, makes React Native suitable for companion apps.

Curated content

Slick and responsive user interfaces are intrinsic to curated content applications. React Native facilities building of exquisite interfaces with high speed load time, offering users the ultimate user experience across platforms all from a common technology.

Social media

The native abilities of React Native with UI building blocks make it a breeze for developers to create social media apps. Capabilities include optimization of device hardware components for enhanced user experience on applications.

Types of Development

As specialists in React Native development, ITF offers the full range of Services, with complete support.

Mobile app development

Mobile apps development for use across multiple platforms from a single codebase and technology. Exploit the functionalities of devices and components; create applications that behave with native capabilities of devices.

Code consulting

Fix slow applications and poor user experience with code review and fixes. At ITF we zero in on components or code snippets that negatively impact performance and user experience, offering a fast fix that transforms performance.

Super app

Bring all services into a single power packed application. Eliminate overcrowding with multiple apps of a single entity. Club services into a one stop service, and build a powerful brand; and cross-sell services to users presently utilizing single services.


Leverage the power of cross platform abilities of React Native by migrating. Ensure negligible impact on business continuity by adopting codebase and integrating services through an incremental approach. Implement platform-wide features seamlessly.

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Proven expertise – When you pick us for React Native Development you get an expert team of developers offering measurable results and better ROI.

Domain exposure – Our association with projects of all sizes, and long-running campaigns have given us exposure to business needs across domains. 

End to end – At ITF, we take up end-to-end projects, taking care of all development needs, across long term and short term requirements.

Process – As an agile organisation, our teams are helmed by certified professionals, relying on process driven approach for complete efficiency.

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