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Try on virtual tattoos with AUGMENTED REALITY before its inked forever. Tattoo Design your name or photos now!
Are you looking to develop a tattoo mobile application for your saloon or tattoo shop, then please contact us.


  • Using our app you will feel like you are in a virtual tattoo salon.
  • Using our tatoo app will make you feel like you’re in a virtual tattoo salon.
  • Just choose a picture from the gallery or take one using the camera.
  • Choose a tattoo design that fits your style, rotate, resize, save, and share your creation.
  • The app projects any tattoo design onto any part of your body so you can see how it will look.
  • Add beautiful tattoos and artistic fonts to your body without any pain.


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How to use

Home page
Choose or take a any on tatoo photo​
Search Options
Users can browse a wide variety of tattoo designs categorized by style, theme, and body placement.
Drag your tattoos around the photo
To create a feature that allows users to drag and position tattoo designs on their photos
Interactive Tools

Rotate: Users can rotate the tattoo to fit the natural contours of their body.

Move: Users can move the tattoo to different positions on the photo.

Scale: Users can resize the tattoo to ensure it fits well and looks proportionate.

File Upload Option
To provide users with an easy and efficient way to upload their photos for virtual tattoo try-on. This feature will enable users to visualize how different tattoo designs will look on their body by allowing them to upload a photo and manipulate these designs through scaling, rotating, and moving.
Seamlessly Share Across Platforms!
Share directly to Instagram ,Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (all Social media apps), or send as a text message!​

Mobile App available on App Store

Please find below for a tattoo mobile app that we have developed that we can customize according to your brand and deliver the same to you.
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