Customer centric focus through a synergised campaign across channels to enthuse and engage your prospects

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Social Media Management

Winning over prospects in an era where all products, services have very little differences is a complexity that required right positioning. At ITF we help businesses with end-to-end social media management to attract, retain clients.

Online Reputation Management

With user generated content and sharing, online reputation often takes a hit for various reasons. At ITF we help clients overcome disastrous reputation challenges with expert, sensible and result driven reputation management.

Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Branding

Branding in the digital era establishes and cements relationships that promote loyalty among customers. Our strategies help clients build bonds with customers, retaining customers with better cost to benefits marketing results.

Lead generation, conversion

Sales funnels that offer higher lead conversion rates are elusive to clients without the right strategy or implementation. At ITF, we help reach out to high quality leads, offering higher chances of conversion to fatten your revenues.

Our Social Media Marketing

Choose from our packages, designed to meet needs of businesses across sizes, fitting within budgets.


The platform that touches all generations of users is a powerful way to establish presence and engage entire communities. We offer dedicated managers to handle Facebook pages with optimised content.


The microblogging site, is the go-to channel for announcements in an era of shortened attention spans. Strike the right chord with prospects and clients with short bursts of interesting information and announcements.


Visual content is often the strongest method to influence a prospect. At ITF, we help clients position products and services, with slick imagery and visual content, including explainer videos to help users understand solutions easily.


The professional platform has silently made inroads into other channels, and is often the first choice to check out a company or profile. At ITF, we help clients create and maintain LinkedIn pages and post content with the expert angle.

Types of Social Media Marketing services we offer

As specialists in Social Media Marketing services, ITF offers the full range of Services, with complete support.

Online reputation management

Paid ads promotion

YouTube marketing

Social media profiles

SPA Development

Community management

Why ITF for  

Social Media Marketing

Proven expertise – When you pick us for Social Media Marketing you get a team of Social Media experts with proven abilities to attract all generations. 

Domain exposure – Our association with projects of all sizes, and long-running campaigns have given us exposure to business needs across domains. 

End to end – At ITF, we take up end-to-end projects, taking care of every social media marketing need, across all channels, for better business outcomes. 

Process – As an agile organisation, our teams are helmed by certified professionals, relying on process driven approach for complete efficiency.

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